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Welcome to Camber Corporation Provide all Depot level support for 270 M1M systems
We look forward to working with you and providing the best possible service and repair for your M1M systems. The transfer from BioVeris/Roche to Camber should be fairly seamless. We follow the same process of requiring a Decontamination Report to be submitted prior to arrangements being made for repair. Once our technicians receive the signed Decontamination Report you will be contacted with an RMA# and instructions for shipment.

All BSL3/4 labs will continue to conduct their annual service via telephone instructions. We will coordinate and send you the required parts to accomplish the service/repair.

Any issues you have with your M1M should first be troubleshot telephonically with our techs. If they are not able to isolate the problem and determine depot level repair is required, then arrangements will be made for shipment to our facility. For those in the Frederick area, we will attempt to visit your location, if possible, for repairs. Camber technicians were previously employed by BioVeris and have extensive knowledge of the systems operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. Camber is the only qualified vendor with experienced depot level technicians.

At Camber Corporation customer service is our number one priority. If you’re a current customer please provide your feedback by filling out this short survey.
Troubleshoot and repair malfunctions
Schedule and conduct annual Preventive Maintenance
Help desk in support of the end users
Coordinate with third party vendor for Decontamination prior to arrival at repair facility
Warehouse spare parts and equipment
Accountability and inventory of all GFE and Prime Contractor equipment
Collect, analyze, and store performance and inventory data
Provide monthly and quarterly reports
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Camber M1M Depot Repair Facility:
5115 Pegasus Ct. Suite D
Frederick, MD 21704
0830-1700 M-F (EST)
Ph. (240) 629-8791
Fax. (240) 629-8792
Linda Strozier
M1M Project Manager
Ph. (443) 372-6009
Jim Galow
Technical Point of Contact
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Operator Training

Camber realizes the CBRNE community need for continued M1M Operator Training. As an added value, Camber is prepared to provide follow on training to new/replacement operators at the request of our customers. Please contact us for rates and dates.